Architecture & Dance III – Part 1


Such great ideas, I have to reblog this one !

Originally posted on Gary Ng © Photography:

Architecture: the word itself rings of incredible man-made marvels, high rise structures, extending through the clouds,. Essentially architecture creates shelter, protection and warmth for its occupant which stands the test of time. Architecture are made by humans for humans. Sometimes though, architectural works are abandoned by the people it was intended to serve, most of the time due to unforeseen circumstances. In the end, these once thriving architectural marvels only awaits the reclamation of mother nature. Enter Architecture & Dance III, the synthesis of dance and dilapidated architecture. This series brings meaning to the existence of abandoned architecture.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two amazing ballerinas, Lim Shin Hui & Joelle Jacinto for their time and effort in creating such stunning photographs with me. These are only half of the photos which I would be sharing with you all, you have gotta hold on to your sea horses for Part 2. Stay tuned!

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Do I Need This?

Do I need this ?

One of life’s rule is : do your best with what you’ve got.
And this applies to photography as well.

So what does that mean exactly?
It is like playing poker: your cards are not so important. What matters is what you do with them. My camera is not important, what I do with it is important.

Do I need high ISO like the DS4? : no
Do I need 15 frames per seconds? : no
Do I need 8000th of a second as shutter speed: no

What I need is to make shots that suit my gears.

To be honest, I love my d700. But I am almost sure I could do the same pictures with my d40x (which is now owned by my brother-in-law).
I love to shoot in studio. I shoot at 1/125s, iso 200, mainly at f/8-f16

And the technical stuff about the colors of the sensor? I don’t get the talks around this topic since as soon as we get the shot, we manipulate everything with filters and Photoshop…

I shoot manly manual. Do I need all the electronic on board since I use my light meter from Sekonic anyway???

So what do I need?

I need a small cam I can take with me most of the time.
I need a sharp lens, the quality is now affordable for most of us
I need a friend, a real one who tells me when my pics suck. And the ones which don’t.
I need inspiration.
I need an idea.
A message…
A story…
An emotion…

More to come…


Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-27 um 19.27.45


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Magic Face

It’s not about photography this time but about video… Amazing,… and scary somehow. Can you still trust who you are video-chatting? Is he/she the one you think he/she is?

Here it is!

More to come…

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I might be the last guy on Earth who has seen this video.

This video is shot by Zack Arias, at a period of his life when many things were going not so good. As a photographer, you want to be successful and he wasn’t, at least not as much as he wanted. We all experience that. And this applies far beyond the fotog-world. When I look at my old pictures today, I just see wasted time, energy, and money. Zack was asked to write a guest post in Scott Kelby’s blog. Instead of writing, he shot this video:

I am not talented. I just want to have fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But deep inside of me, I wish I were.

And then I look around me and see the fotogs I know, mostly all hobby-fotogs or wannabees : one made a book, the other has had an exhibition, these one just won a prize, ect… And what do I do? They are all so much better than I am and better on the road. Zack describes this in a way I could never do. He is talented. Fuck! Another one…

I have from time to times such thoughts. Fortunately, I don’t shoot for a living, and I am not up to that. But still, I love photography. One day, R, a mate from Photoclub who is a pro told me he loves my shots. He loves them because he sees my pleasure in them and the fun I share with the models.

I could not believe that the guy I admire actually admires me…

Zack had the same situation.

I am trying to say is this : Just do your thing and don’t look at the others. Don’t compare yourself. Stop to look for your hits at Flickr, just love what you do or do something else. And if you love it, just don’t give up on doing your thing. Just because you love it.


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Let spice your shots !

Play with Depth Of Field !

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-21 um 19.09.43

What to do with you cam ?
Set the aperture at 2,8 or 4

But my light meter gives me f22?
Well down the power, or use grey gels, or back up the strobes.

How to I compose?
Make some kind of close-ups, and focus on them while including the background. The background will be blurred.

more to come…

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2 strobes aiming at the white wall and a white reflector on her right do that :

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-20 um 19.29.08



More to come…

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5 Tips to make locations more interesting

If you haven’t read my previous post go read it first to fully get the purpose of this article.
It’s there.

Number one : have a clear concept of what you want to shoot as a result. This means the shoot begins long before you grab the cam.
Number two : While thinking about the lightings, here are a few questions you should ask yourself: What colors (complementary, contrasts)? Flat light? Drama? Backlight? Rime-light?

Number three : Use strobes which can just add a touch. This is often a problem since they throw a lot of power. In order to control your light, use grey gels to down the power or go for continuous lights.

Number four : Think your strobes as touches of light, not as a global thing. “where do I want red?” Then set the red. “Where do I want green?” Then set the green. Pay attention that those lights don’t interfere together.

Number five : Your main light gives the shot. Use a light meter to get the proper exposure as a start to play from. Then get creative with it, but always on purpose. In the picture below, my balance between main light (strobe with a grid + CTO) and the green is OK, but it is killing my red. I think a good way to go is to forget the strobe with the grid and use a snoot. Or a snoot with grid to focus my main light on her. As you see, we never stop to learn.

 Make it more interestingMore to come…

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Make it more interesting

We all know that : we have a shooting, the model is there, everyone is there but the it happens to be that the location is… just a kind of heee… It was supposed to be spectacular but in fact it’s just boring and nothing special.

That’s a typical situation photographers may encounter and have to deal with when shooting on location. In studio you rule, in the field, you cope. GIs learn that plans for the battles are perfect but just don’t exist any longer as soon as they meet the enemy.

I have thought a lot about the situation and the results of my thoughts (I usually think about such stuff when I drive) is this. IF THE LOCATION IS BORING, MAKE IT INTERESTING! And to do so, play with the light.

That was the theory part, now let’s go for it!

Here is the location. A nice leaving room, which is actually my leaving room:

Make it more interesting

Not that I don’t like my place, but honestly, it is not a great location to shoot. So now, let’s make it spicy !

Make it more interesting

It’s a 3 lights setup : one flash with a red gel, another with a CTO aimed at the model and a last one with a green gel.

Make it more interesting

Nothing complicated, just a game with the light.

more to come…

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Robin Williams

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David Lachapelle at OSTLICHT GALLERY

Hi Guys!
This blog is not only about my experiences or my photographies. It’s also about all the things I like or dislike all around this very big topic, like… exhibitions.

Went today to the  OSTLLICHT GALERIE in Vienna to see an exhibition by David LaChapelle.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-17 um 14.22.14




David LaChapelle is an american photographer who has crazy ideas where fantasy dream and erotic play together. Male nudity also takes an important place in his work in the sense it appears not as the main topic of his pictures but it is often to be seen. Another signature of his are the saturated colors.

One can like or dislike it, but his pictures are almost always the result of a set up of  situations that never occure in real life. He once said ” If you want to see the reality, take the bus! “

His website

You can find some his most famous pictures on the Gallery part.

What wikipedia says about him

Ostlicht Galerie

More to come…


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