It’s… Ohh! It’s already Sunday!!!

Hey gang!

I have been very busy last week, but I am back from France and I should have more time for my blog so stay tuned !  :-)

Psycho-Chatter-058-Bearbeitet Kopie

I have had the idea of this shot for months.

Actually, I have to say it was not MY idea, I saw this composition many times. One of the best version I have been lucky to see is a version of Joe McNally as he shot RC Conception. And the idea to shoot a guy with lit by a laptop started that day.

I am not a fan of photoshop to create special effects as it is the case here. But when it comes down to serve the purpose, I have no problem to go for it, at least to give it a try.

I am working on a project TABLE. I shoot in a very tiny room and my goal is to create nice looking pictures, each of them has to tell a story. unbenannt-192The second item or element of this shot is a topic I love because I thing it’s fascinating. It’s this very little thing that makes the difference between a normal man and and sick soul. Psychopaths are like that. They have a normal life, most of the time since only a side of personality is not working properly.

Last year I read a book called “Confessions of Sociopath” written by E. Thomas, a woman who’s one of them. It was more interesting than MAD MAN and WALKING DEAD together and I could not let fall this book out of my hands. With the not so cool effect that I was seeing sociopaths all around me… Pretty scary.

But my point is this, this little difference with big consequences fascinates me. And psychological disorders are a way I want to explore… Photographically only needless to say.

So I combined the two projects into one : Tables and Psychological disorders and this picture is the first of the 8 or 10 that survived my selection.

This one is the one I have selected for the DEDPXL09 assignment. The others are too obvious. But will be coming soon.

3 lights
1 Elinchrom for the table with no gel: it’s a gridded beauty-Dish.
1 Speedlight (I don’t like them but I needed a small light source) behind the screen aiming at me with a blue gel on it
1 Elinchrom with a standard light modifier generally used for background with a darker blue gel on it.

Combining the ratios was a little tricky but I solved it as I gridded the BD. My enemy is that each light influenced the others. By separating them, it worked fast and good.

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Quick set up !

Selfportrait EX1

Many of us have not a lot of time to spend with photography since we are hobbiest (like me) or pros running from an assignment to another at a racy pace. The shot above was done in 15 minutes.

The prop: my guitar and an amp. Enough for a short story.
The model: me. Bad for the expression but easy to convince to shoot! :-)
The light: it’s natural light. Behind me there is a huge window with a white curtain.
The light adjustment : not even a test shot. Thanks to Frank Doorhof, I have learned how to use a lightmeter.

So? How did I metered the light?


I first metered the light behind me aiming my light-meter toward the curtain. It gave me ISO400 – S1/500 – ƒ4,5
Now, knowing that 2 stop above a correct exposure you have a total white, I simply needed to set my camera at least 2 steps below. I did that by reducing my speed since I am not working with strobes. Done. And the result was pretty predictable.

I shot with my ex1. A great cam but not for self-protraiture (it works but it’s boring since I had to walk to the cam after each frame. If you know a way to fix this, please let me know). And not for strobes shots neither by the way. Anyway, I could check the measurement in the lcd display. And it was correct !

more to come…

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Fabulouskatrin 1st Shoot-112a Kopie

Playing with light make so much fun. It is a question of centimeters and you got a totally different look. So many centimeters to explore !

Fabulouskatrin 1st Shoot

And those 2 shots show that tiny dofference makes a huge difference!

Have a nice Weekend !

more to come…

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Slice of Life

Louise & Ulli

You can talk hours about what photography is, trying to catch its soul and to reduce it into a definition that would satisfy anybody. But I am quiet afraid this is not going to happen. But there is one definition I think that could unify photogs. What we do when we press the shutter speed is to cut a slice of time, a slice of life.

We will pass away, but this tiny little fragment of time will still be there, for the pleasure of our kids and younger relatives.

This picture is a slice of friendship !

more to come

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It’s Steeve McCurry Sharing Tips!

Hey gang!
again a very short post tonight, but very valuable: Steeve McCurry shares tips and it’s here :

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It’s about shooting like Emily Soto!

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It’s Wednesday, It’s Video Time !

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It’s Monday, Time to share some tips from Youtube

It’s cool and it shows that creativity doesn’t have to cost that much ! Which is very good !  :-)
C’est très cool et montre que la créativité ne coute pas forcément cher.

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It’s Sunday, the day for the post without any agenda nor special topic :-)

Hi everyone!

The 3 last weeks have been some kind of busy. Busy in the sense that as a no pro-photographer, my time, my free time is a very pricy thing. And its value raised even more than ever since my parents paid us a visit to come see my newly born and my teenaged daughters. Hat off : they are 81 and 88 and still enough good in shape to travel. Last week I flew twice to France, and you can imagine I had no time for shooting, blogging or editing.

But when you have family visiting you you have to take pictures.

unbenannt-211-Bearbeitet Kopie

This composition works pretty well. Notice the line Grandfather –> Arm –> Grandmother toward the baby –> Baby looking back to Grandmother, her arm aiming at Grandfather. The white background is a white curtain lit by a bare strobe from behind. Camera left stands a 1,2 x 2 meter silver reflector. I played a little with the lightmeter and went for a highkey look. Processed in Alienskin Exposure 7 (= sharpness + contrasts).

More of them at my Flickr Gallery.

more to come…

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It’s Sunday. It’s about tiny rooms.

This post is about tiny places and low budget for a shoot.

As a new father I am quiet in a hurry most of the time. And I don’t have so much time to look for models in the internet. And asking friends is a nice thing to do but sometimes you want to shoot something special a relative would not do. At the same time, I have decided to focus more on the story. And this where the tiny place arrives : having not much room makes you think about the possibilities only in that frame. I am a great fan of Regina Pagles, an american (hobby)photographer from Springdale, Utah. Always the same set up, and every frame is new story.

OK. I have a table upstairs I thought and I could use it for my pictures. But I don’t want to have only one setup but to create it accordingly to the story. At this point, I thought I could shoot selfies in order not to stress looking for TFP-Models and also to see the results of my diet. And from this moment on, things have begun to roll.

My set up is so far easy, mostly one light, sometimes a backlight but I keep it small, using only what serves the purpose. Here is a shot of the studio so to say, shot with a fisheye.


Not very pro.
Who cares! I want to shoot for me, for my pleasure, and that’s all.

Here a few shots all made there including (or sometimes behind since the it was cropped) the table.

unbenannt-229-Bearbeitet Kopie Yes I used photoshop, my mouth isn’t so big as displayed here ! :-)

unbenannt-277-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet This was also shot there, it is a cropped version of this shot below:

Miss U loves flowers and it costs me a lot !

Well, when you have a table, why don’t you put things or people on it ?Addicted to U(lli)


There is a story behind the shot you can read here.

So how would shoot the word “MISTRUST”? Well this is my interpretation, still in this tiny place: unbenannt-11 version 2-Bearbeitet Kopie It was quiet dangerous since the knife was falling every ten seconds! Kidding, it was of course added later in photoshop. ;-)

This one has been the source of a discussion on flickr you can read bly clicking on the picture. In short : a viewer felt uncomfortable and asked for information. Click for more details. Gangster with baby


Those Little Moments In Life

So what looks at first sight like a problem (tiny room) has been a real + for making new pictures and it showed a new direction.

more to come…


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