De nombreux setups utiles en exterieur

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Nion Wedding Bus

Joe McNally has transformed an truck into a photo studio.

On one weekend, he shoots the just married couple in this truck for free !  :-)

More to come!

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Happy Accidents

Hi gang !
Tonight I would like to begin this post with an apology. I love shooting pictures ans share my experience so you guys can benefit from my learning path. But I know, I have been quite busy those last weeks and I have had no free time to dedicate to my blog, at least not as much as I wanted to.

So I am back tonight to comment this shot :

Susane Arlt

This is a 3 lights setup. 2 Behind the sofa (Elinchrom Quadra with no modifier) + a white beauty dish with a grid. But… The strobes did not fire… :-)

The Nikon Dƒ has the same quality as a D4 and this picture is the result os what happens when you just play around in LR as the original picture was almost black! The Wb goes crazy because the light out of the beauty dish is tungsten and the rest is 5000K…

I like it! It’s funky, it’s interesting. It is absolutely not what I was expecting but still I like the result…

more to come…

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JOE McNALLY’S Interview

more to come!

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A flight over the garden

Flying Man (selfie) In The Garden

Since I was a kid, I could not figure why people love to spend so much time in their garden. I have been thinking a while since then. And as I turned 45 this year, it’s been a long time, and I guess the answer is actually that I always had better things to do.

While other kids in neighborhood were playing soccer, I had to carry plants for my mum (Mum, don’t get mad! I would do it again if I had to!) from one spot to another and then back because she changed her mind. It happened a few times… And every time I gave a try to make some gardening, it has been a waisted time : flowers died, trees never grew. Hum… I killed several banzais and other vegetal which were supposed to survive at least when parents went away for the weekends…

I live in a nice house with a garden run by my wife. She is the Queen, the garden is her Land and guess what! I carry plants from one spot to another and then back. Isn’t it funny how life turns out to be?

We have a deal : she takes care of the garden, I just take care of the lawn. That’s a man’s thing: You don’t need to be patient, you immediately see the results! You use a machine! It even has an engine and runs with gazoline! So great!!! So twice a week I mow the lawn which provides the satisfaction we all know when we achieve something important you can be proud of. And secretly I want to have a lawn as good the Brits do! But shut! Don’t be so loud, Pete Glogiewicz could hear me and he would pull my leg I guess! :-)

Thru the years, I have developed a great ability of mowing the lawn. Sometimes I run. Some other times I just walk or jump. But when I am happy, I simply prefer to fly! I wonder why nobody does it because you are so much faster and this is so much fun.

Well, anyway, this is a three lights setup. From Left to the right:

1 speed lite camera left aiming at me and simulating a bulb on the wall. Its purpose is to separate the main subject from the background. I think you call it a rime light in English.

Speed lite number 2 is in the house. It’s gelled with a CTO to mimic a tungsten bulb and to avoid black windows. It gives more depth to the picture.

My last speed lite is my main light. It is set on a tripod which is maybe one meter high (as high as my belly). It is aiming at a huge golden reflector which become a big light source.

In LR I darkened the door and in NIK-software I tinted the shot. That’s it. No levitation photoshop tricks, I just jumped 50 times (I am still feeling it) and almost ruined my back!

more to come…

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It’s different

And I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just fun. And I think there is nothing wrong about that !  :-)

Woman with opened mouth

Inspired by a Japanese photographer named RINKO KAWAUCHI. More about her here:

More to come…

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I want to shoot more and more on location.

The raisons being are :

I love to be outside. I love to compose my shots with elements you can not bring into a studio. Like a shop. A street. Or a garden with a little house. I am not drawn to beautyshots. In fact I love to create a shot and it is easier outside because the backgrounds serving the purpose are already existing, waiting for you to get shot!

So, I bought the Elinchrom Quadra and 4 Speedites. Yongnuo 560 Mark III. They are really cheap. Today I share a few shots done with them.

Marc & His Guitar

This one was shot this afternoon (5.2.2015) in the garden. There is no sun actually. The weather is cloudy. I like self-portraiture because it teaches me to do the all shoot. I am not especially a fan of my appearance but I am available as soon as I decide to be it. No need of a TFP-Contract or whatever and I always agree with my ideas. I also always show up on time. Try to get this at Modelmayhem for free!  :-)

This is a 2 lights setup. Camera right a bare SL gelled (for the sunset feel) aims down at me. Down camera left a SL aims up at the roses and create some shadows on the wall. I fired the camera with an IR-Remote.

Ulli and the tree

3 SL: One fires thru an umbrella, this is my main light, a soft light for the face of my wife. A second SL camera left rims her shape and a third one backlights the flowers in the tree.

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Shooting thru a window with raindrops


more to come…

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Shooting At f2.8 In Studio Or Outside Against The Sun

Today I want to share and video I have found in the web about the use of ND filters with strobes.

This is what I was looking for for ages !

Have a look !

more to come…

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A question I often get per email or here on my blog is : “Marc, how should I build my site?”
Actually a tricky question for me. Tricky because I am not a website designer but just a passionnate guy. Now, I have built my blog on my own and, and this was important I did not want to spend too much time and money on it.

So I anwered with guidelines like this : keep it clean, simple and easy.

Last wednesday, the Kelbyone guys did a live show about this and in the meanwhile, it’s online. Please check this video and share my post for those who might be interested as well.

Have a nice labor day!


More to come

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